Set of 5 Scent work classes Thursday 8/9/22 to 6/10/22 6-7pm


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Location: Church Hall, Church Lane
City: Southwater, West Sussex
Post Code: RH13 9BT

From Time: 06:00 pm
To Time: 07:00 pm
08 Sep, 2022
15 Sep, 2022
22 Sep, 2022
29 Sep, 2022
06 Oct, 2022


We are now offering fun scent work classes, want something new to do with you dog ? Classes will be small and friendly and are based in Southwater church hall.
The aim and what we will cover in the 4-week Level 1; beginners course will be:
Teaching your dog, a cue to find the scent.
Using a marker – either ‘yes’ or a clicker.
Handling skills when searching with your dog on a longline.
Teaching your dog to indicate to you when they have found the scent.
Starting fun searches in boxes, containers, pipes, bags, and chairs.
Using food and red Kong as odours to search for.
Learning to read your dog’s body language while searching.

“Scentwork is when a dog uses its sense of smell to identify and locate a scent which it has been trained to detect.” From the Scentwork UK website.