Pet Transport, taxi & ambulance service

We will collect your pet from any location which is convenient to you and carefully deliver your pet to your desired destination. While in our care, your pet will be made to feel safe and at home in our pet taxi van.

The van itself is authorised by the State Veterinary Service – an arm of DEFRA as required by European Law. It is ventilated with separate cages for animal safety and an on board fridge for medication, fresh water and any wet food for long journeys. We will endeavour to ensure your pet has a stress free journey, with an additional use of suitable pet pheromones depending on the animal. Each and every time our taxi service is used we thoroughly clean out the cage’s and back area of the van with a pet safe disinfectant (Hibiscrub) and any bedding used will be removed and cleaned on a boil wash. This is to safeguard against cross contamination.

Pet taxi/transport is £25.00 Per hour & 0.50 per mile. Pet transport is subject to a minimum charge of one hour.

Pet ambulance service – contact us for a quote.