Exceptional Dog Home Boarding Services for Your Beloved Companion

Welcome to our top-notch pet home boarding services, where your cherished pet will be cared for with the best comfort. We at PCA Pet Services recognise that deciding to leave your pet behind can be stressful, which is why we provide a home boarding option that makes them feel comfortable. Your pet will be treated as a beloved member of the family by one of our highly vetted and recommended host families, who offer a caring atmosphere. Your pet will flourish in their temporary residence as they will receive individualised care, frequent exercise, and a comfortable environment. With our best pet home boarding services, you can rely on us to provide your cherished friend with the love, care, and attention they need while they’re with us.

Home Boarding Services

Discover Loving Care For Your Dog With Our Home Boarding Services

Find a caring community of open boarding homes and home boarding for your dog with PCA Pet Services. Say goodbye to cramped kennels, tiny cages, and boxes. Our in-home boarding services provide your pet access to a cosy and caring setting that mimics their own home. Consider hiring dog sitters who will adore your dog as a member of their own family. Our home boarding services are the ideal choice whether you’re going away for a short trip or a long one. Locate the top dog boarding facilities in your area and provide your dog with individualised care at a price you can afford. With our exceptional in-home boarding services, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is getting loving care while they are there.


Making sure your dog is ready for boarding can help make the process easy and stress-free. Here are a few advices:

  • Get to know the boarding facility with your dog: Allow your dog to explore and grow accustomed to the facility by visiting it beforehand.
  • Updated immunisations and medical records: Make sure your dog has all the required vaccinations and give the boarding facility the relevant medical records.
  • Bring comforting items: To give your dog a sense of home and security, bring his favourite blankets, toys, and treats.
  • Maintain a routine: To create a sense of consistency before boarding, try to keep your dog’s normal food and exercise schedule.
  • Give precise instructions: To make sure your dog’s needs are addressed, let the boarding facility know about any special care instructions or food demands.

Dog home boarding is a service that lets dogs remain at a host’s home while their owners are gone rather than a typical kennel. It offers dogs a more individualised and cosy environment, giving them a home away from home feeling. You can contact PCA Pet Services if you are in need of the best dog home boarding service in Horsham. 

Dog boarding has a number of advantages for both canines and their owners, including:

  • Individualised attention and care: Professional boarding facilities offer each dog the specialised attention and care that they require.
  • Opportunities for socialisation: Interacting and interacting with other dogs in a monitored and regulated setting helps canines develop their social skills and overall well-being.
  • Exercise and stimulation: These are usually provided in boarding facilities to keep dogs physically active and mentally occupied while they are there.
  • Peace of mind: Owners can rest easy knowing that, while they are away, their pets are being well-cared-for and in a secure setting.
  • Professional oversight: Staff members at boarding facilities are trained to keep an eye on dogs, see symptoms of discomfort, and offer aid right away if necessary.

The following are the key distinctions between house boarding and kennels:

Environment: Kennels are often distinct enclosures or structures created to keep several dogs, whereas home boarding takes place in a host’s home and offers a more comfortable setting.

Personalized attention: Home boarding provides dogs with more individualised care and attention because they are housed with a family, whereas kennels may take a more controlled and uniform approach.

Socialisation: While kennels may provide limited possibilities for socialisation, home boarding frequently gives canines the chance to connect with the host’s family and maybe other pets.

Comfort and familiarity: Home boarding allows dogs to stay in a comfortable, familiar home environment, whereas kennels could seem more institutionalise.

Flexibility: Unlike kennels, which may have defined schedules and procedures, home boarding might be more adaptable to unique routines, food requirements, or care instructions.


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