PCA Dog Class: Where Your Puppy's Training Journey Begins!

Are you in search of the best puppy classes near you? Look no further than PCA Pet Services, highly skilled and experienced puppy classes Horsham trainer. When it comes to your puppy’s development and well-being, finding the right puppy classes is essential. All the important aspects of dog training are covered in our extensive instruction, including leash manners, basic obedience commands, and other training. We also place a high priority on socialisation skills, which will help your puppy develop self-assurance and good manners around other dogs and people. We can provide individualised attention to accommodate the unique needs of each puppy because of our small class sizes, which maximize their growth and learning.

Positive training methods, which have been demonstrated to be successful in creating a strong link between you and your puppy during training, are what we support. Enrol your pup in PCA Pet Services right away to give them the greatest possible start in life and see how they develop into well-behaved, content canines. Contact us right now to ask questions and set up your initial consultation.

Puppy Classes Horsham



You can expect the following benefits from our dog day care service:

  • Small and friendly classes. 
  • Training methods using only positive reinforcement. 
  • We follow a structured training programme adding on new commands each week. 
  • A highly experienced trainer, we’ve been training puppies for over 7 years! 
  • Throughout the course you will see your puppy grow in confidence around other puppies and see their training progress reach its full potential. 
  • A private Facebook group to provide mid week support if needed 

PCA Pet Services’ Puppy Classes focus on teaching essential skills and behaviours for your puppy’s lifelong good behaviour. They’ll learn basic commands, leash manners, proper greetings, and socialisation with other dogs. Problem-solving activities and other training guidance are also provided. With experienced trainers and positive reinforcement, our classes create a nurturing environment for your puppy’s growth and development.

Puppy Classes at PCA Pet Services welcome all breeds and mixed-breed puppies, emphasising the importance of training and socialisation for every puppy, regardless of their breed. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all puppies to learn and thrive. Our inclusive approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each puppy, tailoring the training experience to meet their specific needs. 

To enrol your puppy in the Puppy Class at PCA Pet Services in Horsham, contact us to check class availability and schedule. Follow our registration instructions, provide the necessary information and requirements, and make the payment to secure your puppy’s spot in the class. It’s a simple process that will set your puppy on the path to a well-trained future.


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