Cat, dog or small & furry feeding

From rats to cats, we will clean bottles and bowls (and surroundings for those messy eaters!), refill with food and water and prepare fresh fruit or vegetables if provided. As an extra service we will completely clean out cages if you need them to be done while you are away. We also understand some rabbits can be extremely fluffy and will need a daily groom especially in the hot weather where fly strike can be a problem.

And of course we will give a much needed scratch behind the ear or a belly rub to those who will be missing their humans! We will follow guidelines that we have collected from you on feeding your pets and if needs be will administrate prescriptions medication prescribed by vets.

*Free key collection!

Standard feeding Visit £8.00 once a day or £14.00 twice a day. We will be more than happy to clean litter trays, spend time with your cats, especially if indoor cats and other other reasonable request. This will incur a small extra charge depending on time spent during visit. Just let us know how we can help.

*-Subject to a minimum of 3 days service.