Pet Transport, taxi & ambulance service

We will collect your pet from any location which is convenient to you and carefully deliver your pet to your desired destination. While in our care, your pet will be made to feel safe and at home in our pet taxi van. The van itself is authorised by the State Veterinary Service – an arm

Exotic pet care

When looking after exotic pets we will not only feed and water them but also clean when needed within guide lines left by yourself. We will also check that temperatures are stable and adjust if required. No pick up key fee! Snakes, lizards and other small exotics will be charged £9.00 per visit to make

Premium dog walking

This premium service promises to never have more than 4 dogs per person on a group walk, meaning your dog gets better supervision, care and attention. The dogs will be vetted to ensure they meet our sociability criteria prior to joining group walks. We also provide a 1 on 1 dog walking service for elderly,